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In the modern cultural landscape, “relevancy” has become a common buzzword that circulates through society and is amplified by media outlets. Its meaning in popular culture tends to signify whether a piece of artistry or thematic element is considered current or mainstream. In those cases, an agreement is reached in the public consciousness as to how relevant the discussed construct is, no matter what form it takes. The measurement of its relevance is dictated by critics and majority opinion, often becoming the deciding factor of its success or failure.

A college campus is but one sect of that overall cultural landscape, but it is set apart by its own needs, rules, and determining factors as to what is relevant. With students leading increasingly busy lives, and constantly reevaluating how they spend their time and tuition money, relevancy begins to redefine itself in terms of value: Whether or not something is “relevant” becomes a question of what it is worth and what positive value it can attribute to the student body. If something is deemed unnecessary or no longer valuable, then it is also no longer relevant and is ignored or in some cases even actively condemned.

Fraternities are no exception to this rule. To continue providing value and maintain a strong, guiding presence, organizations must ask themselves what it means to be relevant to undergraduates now and in the future. The amount of change in curriculum delivery, facilities, services, and the ever-expanding diversity occurring on campuses across the nation, has revolutionized the college experience, even compared to a decade ago. In a dynamic, fast-paced environment, relevancy takes on a third meaning, as it becomes a measure of growth, identifying who or what is keeping up with the needs of students.

Delta Tau Delta has existed for over 150 years, and its future will be shaped by its members and the organization’s willingness and ability to grow. Understanding the wants and needs of current undergraduates is key to positioning fraternity in their lives, providing them with the proper support and planning for future generations. However, the present does not exist in a vacuum, and the generations of brothers who have since graduated from college also had fraternity in their lives as undergraduates. To illustrate the value that fraternity has played in the lives of our men for generations, how far Delta Tau Delta has come and where it needs to go, both perspectives, past and present, are indispensable.

We invite you to share your experiences to not only shed light on the past but to illuminate an improved path moving into the future.

CTA: Take a few moments to tell us about your unique college experience and help us paint a picture of Delts through the years! Click here for a short questionnaire.

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