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Susan Goddard

Episode 3: Making the Most of Being a Mentee

Mentorship is a two-way relationship and each is unique.

Episode 2: Making the Most of Being a Mentor

Preconceptions about the amount of work involved are misconceptions.

Episode 1: Making the Most of Mentorship

Mentors provide wisdom but potential mentees need to seek them out.

The Whole Body: The Soul

Is your routine masking an unconscious avoidance?

The Whole You: The Body

If you are human, you need sleep. It's not a negotiable, it's a necessity.

The Whole You: The Mind

To protect your health, does it make sense to adjust your goals?

Day 4: The Substance of Goals

Are you less likely to quit once your goals are routine?

Day 3: Motivation: Mobilizing Yourself and Others

Which is more important? Need or Motivation?

Day 2: Make the Most of the New Year

You can't freeze time but you can create your own timing.